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            DevoFast Red Wine Recruitment

              Shenzhen Devofast Holding Company Limited is a trader of imported wine and liquor. To accelerate the business development, we are publicly recruiting salespersons and logistical personnel. If you meet the following conditions, you can send your CV to recruit@devofast.com and we will provide you with a tremendous platform, we look forward to working with you.
            Sales Executive
            Basic salary of ¥3,000/month + performance-based benefit
            1. To complete any sales task and job target assigned by the superior;
            2. To create a customer file and to maintain good relations with customers;
            3. To gather market developments and product information and to timely report to the superior; and
            4. To make a market investigation and to develop regions and customers with market potential.
            Merchandising Clerk
            1. To receive customers;
            2. To receive and hand out corporate mail;
            3. To do general word processing;
            4. To communicate information;
            5. To complete day-to-day work;
            6. To ensure the confidentiality of contracts and agreements with other units; and
            7. To manage the inventory and to deliver the goods.
            Job Requirements:
            1. Preferably female, aged 22 or more;
            2. An education background of polytechnic school or senior high school and familiarity with computer operation and software such as Word and Excel;
            3. Good at writing and oral expression, and quick-witted; and
            4. Two or more years of work experience.
            Customs Declarer
            1. To be responsible for customs declaration, inspection declaration and other declaration;
            2. To contact customs and commodity inspection departments on the company's customs clearance;
            3. To handle other out-of-office matters related to customs declaration and inspection declaration; and
            4. To complete other tasks assigned by the superior.
            Job Requirements:
            1. Preferably female, aged 22 or more;
            2. One or more years' experience in customs declaration and inspection;
            3. An education background of junior college or above and a holder of customs declaration certificate and inspection declaration certificate;
            4. Familiar with the procedures of government departments such as customs, commodity inspection, and economic and trade departments;
            5. Familiar with the import and export and commodity inspection procedures of wine and liquor products; and
            6. Preferably good at communication, coordination and public relations.
            Graphic Designer
            1. To design corporate publicity materials and product manuals;
            2. To coordinate the production of corporate ads and promotional materials;
            3. To assist in performing designed schemes; and
            4. To complete other tasks assigned by the superior.
            Job Requirements:
            1. A major in fine arts or design at the junior college level or above;
            2. Having one or more years' experience in advertising design and graphic design, and familiar with printing flow;
            3. Familiar with operation of software related to graphic design;
            4. Having a strong sense of picture composition and colors, a clear mentality, and good creativity, design capacity and esthetic perception;
            5. Having good professional ethics, communication capacity and teamwork consciousness; and
            6. Providing previous works at the time of interview.
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